ROCK FUND’s Mission

There are very few of us who are unmoved by misery and suffering. The desire to eliminate them is even stronger in each of us. ROCK FUND firmly believes that change, though it is small, is effective. And this small sphere of influence can go a long way.

ROCK FUND aims to:

  • Provide free primary and secondary education to support the girl child in need
  • Provide higher education for the deserved needy
  • Provide support for primary school facilitation in remote and rural areas.
  • Collect and distribute old, used clothes and books to the needy.
  • Provide a voluntary force consisting of professionals.
  • Help the Government in implementing various public education programs for the girl child.
  • Educate people about the importance of basic and secondary education.
  • Work as a platform for implementing Government programs.

The ROCK FUND Mission

  • ROCK FUND will be involved in all activities targeted towards providing education to girl children, by working closely with three critical spheres of influence – Child, Parents and School/Teachers.
  • ROCK FUND will support a child from elementary school to graduation, and work towards ‘zero drop-out’ rates.
  • ROCK FUND, Through a network of voluntary professionals, will ensure a systematic implementation of its programs.
  • ROCK FUND will seek to team up with corporate donors/volunteers to implement and enhance its programs.
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