The ROCK FUND “CPS” Framework

A ROCK Solid Framework
In its endeavor to provide education to the girl child, ROCK FUND follows a robust framework to gain active commitment from three key players:

  • Child
  • Parents of the selected child
  • School  management and teaching staffThe Child herself


A ROCK Solid Process

  • The ROCK FUND management committee identifies the school based on a set of stringent criteria.
  •  The beneficiaries are recommended by School Management based on criteria set by ROCK FUND.
  •  The ROCK FUND committee conducts interviews of the recommended Students and their parents before deciding on the support.
  • The selection of a child is not influenced by social boundaries such as religion, caste, creed or color.
  • The School fees of selected Girls are directly provided to School (as ROCK scholarship)
  • Periodic Monitoring / Interventions as needed by ROCK FUND team and Corporate Volunteers
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