Why ROCK Fund?

Have you ever wondered what the life of a young girl in India is like? If lucky, she belongs to that privileged population where her childhood is full of tender dreams, naughty school escapades, and days replete with laughter and games. She aspires to be a doctor – and there is little to stop her from realizing her dreams.

Unfortunately, at the other end of the spectrum is the young girl who was once enrolled in a government school, but dropped out before she could complete her primary education. She works at your neighbor’s house; you will occasionally find her glancing at the newspaper – squinting at the numbers and words – trying to make sense of the once-familiar characters. Shortly, she will be married, have children and live out the end of her days as domestic help. Her aspirations are limited to having a roof over her head, and three square meals for her family.

This is not a conjecture. 42 per cent of girls who join school in India drop out before completing their primary education. And a girl child, on an average, spends appalling 1.2 years in school.

We’ve all read about these dismal numbers, and each day, our repository of knowledge expands to include larger issues like female infanticide, the sex trade, high mother/ infant mortality, and dowry deaths. It doesn’t take long to infer that a strong link exists between education and these condemnable ills.

‘Reaching Out to Children through Knowledge’ 

‘ROCK’ stands for Reaching Out to Children through Knowledge’ – and that’s what the Fund is all about. ROCK FUND, a NOT FOR PROFIT, charitable trust, was set up by a group of professionals in July 2001. Armed with the compelling desire to alleviate the miserable circumstances of these young girls, ROCK FUND’s founding partners identified the most powerful tool that would bring about lasting change – Education.
ROCK FUND is a non-political, non-governmental, non-profit organization that aims to promote basic education for young girls and give them a better life. Today, ROCK FUND supports four schools in Bengaluru, Karnataka – influencing the lives of more than 150 girls. ROCK FUND strives to take the message of education to the masses, and at the same time, bring it within reach of these young girls.

ROCK FUND is headquartered in Bangalore, and currently has a team of 7 members, 25 donors and 3 corporate sponsors.

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